Dr. Feelgood and Josh are back in the saddle after a short break. But they come bearing new content and a new network as well! A new conspiracy theory has emerged and ties to one of our previous episodes. The same guy that strapped a rocket to his ass is having another go at it. And...Walmart robots are apparently a thing now. Enjoy!!







Kupzyk and Josh discuss the potential of storming the gates at area 51

Jason and Josh discuss some of the different alien races. Enjoy!

Jason and Josh are back with more juicy tales of the weird! Enjoy!

Jason and Josh dive deep into the mysterious tales from just below the surface! OH! And Kupzyk's internet screws up bigtime... Sshhhh, don't tell him it was actually Josh's internet that sucked. Enjoy! 

Josh and Jason are back with some kickass stories! Enjoy!! 

Jason and Josh have another throwback episode for you to enjoy as this week continues to kick them in the butts. Enjoy!

Josh and Jason discuss the latest in paranormal news with special guest Eric Enzbrenner! Enjoy! 

It's our 300th episode!!!! Jason and Josh are joined by Leo and Jason from Everyday Paranormal! Enjoy!!

Jason and Josh are back in the saddle where they discuss the very odd Stan Romanek and some other oddities from the paranormal field. Also, Josh's 5-month-old son decides to make a guest appearance. Enjoy!!

Josh and The Good Dr. discuss flying humanoids and what these things could possibly be. Enjoy!!






Jason and Josh discuss some creepy stuff this week! ENJOY!







Jason and Josh are getting the poo end of the stick with life this week and decided to give you all a throwback! Enjoy! 




Jason and Josh are joined by their good friend Larry Buchanan to discuss Men in Black! Enjoy!


Check out Larry's books at: para-chumbooks on Facebook 

Jason and Josh discuss some spooky stories!

Jason and Josh dive deep into some political BS and also discuss a possible conspiracy regarding young Barron Trump! Enjoy!!

Josh and Jason are super busy this week so they decided to throw out a crazy episode from back in the day! Enjoy!

Jason and Josh discuss some of the crazier events that are going on around the globe! Enjoy!!





Jason and Josh talk the new mission currently on the dark side of the moon and some very odd lights in the skies! Enjoy!!

The good Doctor Feelgood and Josh are both under the weather this week so they decided to throw another throwback episode your way. This one is from way back when the Ectoplasm Show was still in its infancy. Enjoy!!

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