Jason and Josh are back in the saddle with special guest David Glidden!



Josh and Jason are sitting around discussing UFO's in this episode!! Enjoy!!

Josh, Jason, and Larry discuss what is being called the social credit score. 

Jason and Josh are hanging out at Malvern Manor! 

Jason and Josh discuss the lore of Native American Little People. Enjoy!!

The boys are back and joined by their good pal Jeff Adamec regarding some potentially big news about UFO's! Enjoy!








With Jason flying off to Hawaii, we thought it best to discuss some of the more popular paranormal stories from the Hawaiian islands! Enjoy! 

Josh and Jason go live on Facebook and discuss the latest in paranormal news. 

Jason and Josh talk all things weird and creepy in this episode! Including a new program that may suggest we are a simulation! Enjoy! 

Josh flies solo on this episode but talks about a couple of recent UFO sightings and what is going on in the galaxy! Enjoy! 

Jason and Josh talk the new mission currently on the dark side of the moon and some very odd lights in the skies! Enjoy!!





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Jason and Josh discuss the latest in paranormal news! 

For more fun, exclusive content, and behind the scenes Ecto stuff, check out:


Jason and Josh are joined by the boys from Language of Bromance, Richard and Shawn! Enjoy!!


Bigfoot News! 

Lady almost cremated alive.

Aliens are everywhere.

Have you caught an alien in a box? Jason tells a story about how someone he knows claims to have personally captured an alien in a box.






On this episode of The Ectoplasm Show we talk about Monsters. Cryptids, Creatures, Aliens, Skinwalkers, Dogman and several others.

The good Dr sent Josh home with terrifying tales of creepy cryptids that could attack him when he was laying down to sleep!

- A fleshy blur that ran across the road in Ontario.

- A Dogman in Wisconsin.

- A Hairy Beast that stalked an outhouse in Maryland.

- A hairless Dogman in California.

- A Skinwalker on a military base.

And Much Much More.


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The boys talk about current events in this episode! 

Jason is off this week and Josh is stuck at his house so this one is a little different! Enjoy! 




On this episode of the Ectoplasm Show we talk about alleged real Men In Black Encounters. Some recent and some quite old. From one that is confused by Jello to one that might be able to make your heart disappear from your body just by looking at you! A the in the good Dr tells a MIB encounter a friend told him he experienced several decades ago. 


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- Documented by ufologist John Keel, and occurred to a woman known as Mrs. Butler in Minnesota. The man introduced himself as Major Richard French.

- One such strange encounter involves a strange man in a black suit at Max’s Kansas City, New York.
- Dr. Herbert Hopkins. The MIB informed Hopkins that was correct. “Barney didn’t have a heart,” said the MIB, “just like you no longer have a coin.”
-Dr. Albert K. Bender was a well-written and extremely intelligent researcher who founded the International Flying Saucer Bureau. He had an encounter with a Man In Black that would change his life forever.
- In 1947 Harold Dahl and his son were salvaging logs on a fishing boat when they spied six donut-shaped crafts flying in the air above them. The crafts drop molten waste onto the lake, which allegedly kills Dahl’s dog and injures his son. The FBI made an official report about the incident.
- One of the most famous photos in the ufo/paranormal field, taken by Jim Templeton, has an MIB story attached to it that we had never hear before.
- Paul Miller was returning home after a hunting trip when they saw a “luminous” disc in the sky. The next day he had a life changing meeting with some officials from his job with the Airforce.
- Dan Aykroyd has come forward with his story about how he was taping a show about the paranormal. He stepped out to take a phone call from Britney Spears, who was asking him to appear on Saturday Night Live with her, when he noticed a black ford parked across the street. A tall man stepped out of the Ford, and stared him down. Aykroyd turned away for a moment, and then turned back, to find that the man and the car had completely vanished. After he finished his phone call, he returned to the studio to learn that his show had been cancelled and he was ordered to stop filming immediately.
- 1967: Robert Richardson was driving his car at night in Toledo, Ohio, when he hit something, which, he claimed, then vanished. MIB showed up.
- Brad Steiger, who was a very heavily involved UFO researcher, had multiple encounters with unexplained government agents.


Jason and Josh discuss the latest in paranormal news! 





Josh and Jason discuss what is new in the paranormal news! 





An audio documentary format that tries to shed some light on the infamous Sallie House. 


This is a premium episode that we released in April of 2016. Decided to release it to the public as a Christmas present to our listeners!



From the Sallie House website:

History of the Sallie House

Originally built at the turn of the century, this house became the residence of an Atchison physician. The front served as office space and examination rooms, while the doctor and his family lived upstairs.  One day, a frantic mother arrived carrying her 6-year-old daughter, Sallie. The child had collapsed from severe abdominal pain. The doctor diagnosed appendicitis and knew there was no time to delay surgery. Believing the appendix would soon burst, the doctor began cutting Sallie before the anesthesia took full effect. Sallie’s screams suddenly stopped and she grew pale and limp. She died on the operating table – her last memories of a man whom she believed was torturing her.

Hauntings at the Sallie House

Though the house had long been known to be haunted, Sallie’s haunting grew ominous in 1993, when the house was rented to a young couple. Their dog seemed to growl at nothing, especially near the upstairs nursery.   Things began to take a violent turn, however. Fires broke out in the house and a series of sinister attacks on the husband began. The operating area would become cold. Objects would visibly move when the young man drew near. He could feel scratches upon his chest or abdomen. But never did the ghost attack the wife or baby.

Events that have been witnessed by visitors to the Sallie House include:

  • video and investigative equipment that stop working
  • batteries that are full immediately and completely draining
  • experience moving objects
  • unexplained scratches or bruising on their bodies during/after visits
  • physical touches
  • mysterious coldness
  • Trained guide dogs refuse to enter the nursery

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